Kimberley Obrusik

2010 Lincoln's Inn
Criminal Law

Kimberley is a level 2 prosecutor and undertakes prosecution work in both the crown and magistrates' courts across the north west. She also defends regularly in both the magistrates' and crown courts for a range of offences including robbery, burglary, violent offences and public order offences. Kimberley also has experience of confiscation proceedings in the magistrates' court for respondents against whom criminal charges have been dropped.

Civil Law

Kimberley undertakes all levels of personal injury work, for both claimant and defendant, including infant approval hearings, allocation hearings, trials and drafting. Kimberley also acts for housing associations in applications with and without notice for housing related injunctions.

Ancillary Relief

Kimberley undertakes all levels of ancillary relief work for both applicants and respondents.

Notable Cases

R v RG ‐ acquittal after a 2 day trial in the youth court of assault by penetration and sexual assault.

R v Ogden ‐ acquittal of section 4 public order offence against a female horse rider.

R v JA ‐ successful prosecution in the Youth Court of an offence of inciting a child under 13 years to engage in sexual activity. The complainant was 6 years of age.

AH v C ‐ successful application for 2 year housing related injunction with exclusion zone.

R v DK ‐ successfully secured an acquittal in a 2 day aggravated burglary trial at Preston Crown Court. The Crown alleged that the defendant had entered a house armed with a knife.

Previous Experience

Upon completing her undergraduate degree Kimberley undertook an internship with the Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana in New Orleans and was responsible for the investigation into two of the office's most notorious cases.