A mini-pupillage at 15 Winckley Square Chambers

We are delighted to offer an exciting opportunity of a mini-pupillage at 15 Winckley Square Chambers to candidates considering a career at the Bar.

A limited number of mini-pupillages are offered to outstanding candidates and usually take place throughout the months of June to September each year, although can take place outside these months in exceptional circumstances. Mini-pupillages in Chambers are up to three days in duration.

It is our aim that successful candidates will be given as wide of an experience of life at the Bar as possible during mini-pupillages, including attendance at Court and conference with a practising barrister and a view of life at 15 Winckley Square Chambers.

If a candidate has a keen interest in a particular area of law, significant effort will also be made for that area of work to be observed, although we can sadly offer no guarantee of the same, which will be subject to the suitability and availability of such work.

Mini-pupillages are not assessed nor are they a necessary condition of obtaining a pupillage within Chambers.

Although Chambers is based in Preston, mini-pupillages usually take place at the various Court venues across Lancashire and Blackpool.

How to apply and what we are looking for

15 Winckley Square Chambers invites applications for mini-pupillage from candidates who are considering a career at the Bar, have a keen interest in criminal and/or family law and have commenced or have completed a university degree or an equivalent qualification.

Please send any applications in the form of a covering letter accompanied by your C.V. to Sian Plaskett at sianp@15wsq.co.uk, with a subject title of Mini-pupillage Application.

In the event you are unable to send an application electronically, please send a written application entitled Mini-pupillage Application, to 15 Winckley Square Chambers, Preston, PR1 3JJ.

Any application should set out the following information, which will be the criteria considered as part of the selection process.

  • Any qualifications including GCSE’s, A-level’s (or equivalent), any university degree information, (including a breakdown of subjects and grades) and any professional or post-graduate qualifications;
  • Any legal achievements and/or interests;
  • Any non-legal achievements and/or interests;
  • Why you are applying for a mini-pupillage at 15 Winckley Square Chambers;
  • Any interests in particular areas of law.

Please also identify any dates you would be unable to attend a mini-pupillage during the months from June to September for the year you are applying.

The deadline for applications for each year will be 1st March. Applications received beyond this date will be considered for mini-pupillages offered the following year.

We will aim to notify successful candidates by no later than 14th May each year or the closest working day beyond this.

Any successful candidates must sign and return a declaration and confidentiality undertaking. The declaration will be forwarded to the mini-pupil with the letter of offer and must be returned to our Barristers Chambers before the date of the commencement of the mini-pupillage.

Remote Summer Mini-Pupillage Event

Following the success of the event in 2021, the Summer Mini-Pupillage Event will take now place on an annual basis and will be on 11th August in 2022.

The event will take place over the course of a day with attendance remotely.

Please send any applications by 31st May 2022 marked ‘Summer 2022 Mini-Pupillage Event’ to paulm@15wsq.co.uk

We welcome applications from candidates aspiring to be a barrister who have commenced their University degree and ask that applications are sent in the form of a covering letter accompanied by you C.V. Each application will be considered under the selection criteria set out above.

Successful applicants will be contacted no later than 30th June 2022.